Jorge Gomez (333)

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Take responsibility for your life!
Take responsibility for everything you think, say and do!
Take responsibility on all levels – because that is the way to tap into your own strength.


Beloved humans,

Each human being has personal responsibility from the day they are born. To a certain extent, even small children can be held responsible – in all areas that they can independently oversee, evaluate and answer for.

There is not a person on God’s earth that is not responsible for their own deeds, in one way or another. Therefore it is inappropriate to pass responsibility on to others, because the day comes when everyone is confronted with that which they don’t want to be responsible for.

In light of this, become aware of the power you unleash once you consciously accept responsibility. Make no excuses, don’t talk anything down, and perceive what is. Take responsibility for everything that comes into this world from and through you.

True inner strength is gained by working consciously with the energy of responsibility. Inner strength grows to the extent that a person acts with personal responsibility. However, one’s strength and self-confidence is diminished when a person – out of fear or even out of convenience – delegates responsibility that is theirs.


But what are you accountable for? For everything that only you yourself can decide. Every day, many areas of life demand of you to make a decision or a choice. That is part of your life and is inevitable.

It is an illusion and a mistake to believe that decisions are no longer necessary, now that everything is striving for unity. You have free will and free choice, in every moment, to decide this or that and to live with responsibility for yourself. You have the choice to move towards unity or to stray – every single day.

Every path, every healing process, each shift – everything starts with one’s own decision.

I therefore invite you to make courageous choices. Only then you can become aware of the power and strength stemming from a responsible life. Achieving power that is controlled means practicing how to handle personal responsibility. Taking personal responsibility for all your faults and all your successes in life makes you grow and more “self-empowered”.

Because a healthy self-consciousness is based on a high degree of personal responsibility. If you don’t take responsibility for anything, you don’t create any self-worth. “Self-empowerment” remains just a word and out of reach.

What about mistakes?

I say to you: Don’t make a big deal out of them. Revise what needs to be corrected, and don’t give it any further attention. Avoid any drama when you recognize “mistakes”. Observe with alertness what was lacking, take a close look, dig deep to find underlying causes, and develop new modes of thinking and acting.


It is indicated to find a relaxed approach to yourself. If you judge yourself, you also judge others. If you are tough on yourself, you will hardly be able to be gracious with others.

Toughness is misplaced where there should be strength. Only individuals who know themselves well, stand up for themselves and can take on responsibility, are strong.

Accepting personal responsibility means ridding yourself from powerlessness and regaining power.

 True power comes from taking self-conscious action that is regularly reflected in God’s light.

Live your life in that way. God is with you, and God is with us all.