The Wonkiness of Time | Tala Nee via Ben Rafael Guevarra

Daniela Noruega

(Golden Age of Gaia)

July, 2022, via email

Greetings, I am Tala Nee (Pleiadian guide), let us begin. The pace of time is quickening for all those upon your planet. But it’s not just that time is quickening, time is becoming something much different. Depending upon the degree in which you are either asleep or awake, the weirdness of time begins to increase the further you venture into the realms of unity consciousness.

And so, for those who are in a less awakened state, they may perceive this as a phenomenon of getting older and time seeming to speed up, for this has been a belief amongst your species for many generations. But this is not so, for time is indeed quickening, or rather, the experience of time is what is quickening.

An even closer statement would be to say that the consciousness of those experiencing the illusion of linear time is processing information and events at a more rapid rate and therefore this results in an experience of time moving faster and faster.

This deals very much with the revolutions, rotations, spirals, and cycles of your planetary movement within your solar system; your solar system’s movement within the galaxy; and your galaxy’s movement within the universe.

Those who find themselves journeying through the more awakened states of consciousness are having an experience of time that can hardly even be pinned down or explained. Many will find themselves sort of blipping in and out of time: one moment you’re here, the next moment 3 months will have passed, and the next moment you may find yourself in a previous moment (if that makes any sense), for you are not traveling down a linear pathway anymore. You are experiencing the multidimensional nature of time along with the collapsing of timelines and the integration of multiple fractals of Self.

This is all occurring within a species whose consciousness is ascending to its next level of orientation and therefore the very concept of time is being deconstructed. Many will find themselves a bit confused, a bit wonky, a bit ungrounded, for it’s hard to touch down when you’re bouncing in and out of time.

And so, our suggestion to those who are having this experience is, to be grounded deeply. Not only into the earth matrix, but into the multidimensional layers of Self. Because if one is truly rooted and centered within the Self, in all its multidimensional glory, then one can always have a firm ground upon which to stand when they find themselves experiencing the wonkiness of time.

We know this can be a very unsettling and unnerving time to some, and it can be a wild and exciting ride to others. What we wish to say to you is this, do not let yourself fall into states of worry or fear of this experience of the quickening of time, and the nonlinear wonkiness of time shall we say. This is all part and parcel to the process that you are now experiencing within the awakening consciousness of humanity.

We, your loving guides, are here to assist. So, if ever in doubt, go into your heart space and reach out to us and we will be here to offer our loving support. And now, I shall take my leave. It was an honor to share this message with you, and always know that you are loved. And so it is.


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  1. Recibí esta pagina en ingles y no se como poder traducirla a nuestro idioma Español me gastaría me la mandaran de nuevo traducida.
    The Wonkiness of Time | Tala Nee via Ben Rafael Guevarra.

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