Meditation to receive all the protection from the Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy

Jorge Gomez (333)

Los Siete Maestros 002

I invoke the dearest Archangels Michael and Mrs Faith as well as the Legions of Angels from the first Beam.

I invoke Melkidezec, Mahatma and Metatron so that their silver net unanchord remove all the negative and unbalanced energies from my field.

I also require that in this time all the implants and negative implants are immediately removed from my field.

I invoke to the Cosmic and Planetary Masters Group to set around me a column full of «Light, Love, Plenetary and Cosmic Power «.

I invoke Melkidezec to set around me a golden dome of permanent protection.

I invoke Melkidezec, Mahatma and Metatron to set around me a permanent barrier of «luminous protection».

I invoke Archangel Michael to have permanentely set his Blue Protection Armour around me.

I invoke the dearest Mrs Faith to set around me a red roses ring, eternally rejuvenating, that absorbs permanentally all the negative energy before it can enter my field.

I invoke Mahatma to have a «rainbow bubble» of proteciont set around my aura field.

I invoke Archangel Metatron to have a permanent silver beam tube set around me as addtional and silent protection.

I invoke Lord Buddha, Lady Nada, Lady Portica, and the Karma Meeting, and request a permanent «intereferences exclusion» against all the procedent energy coming form psiquic attacks either in an inner or outer level. (listen carefully to the answer)

I invoke the dearest God Sun Helios/Vesta to set around me a «Golden-Silcer Sun» of proteccion, that is so bright and full of GOD’s Love that all the energy missqualified or negative be immediately burn and transmute it withing pure Light and radiant of GOD.

Now I Invoke dearest Melchor so that he may brings a «valious splinter» from the Cosmic fire of the Great Central Sun and burn, in a completely save way all hte negative energy remaining in my field.

I invoke Lord Arturus so that he may anchor the Arturian Liquid Crystals and deactivate and re-balance all the negative energy from my field.

I invoke all Dr. Lorphan as the group of Galactic Healers to adjust my racks and strengthen my immunological, spiritual, psychological and physical systems.

I invoke the Healing Archangles to balance my 13 chakras system and the four bodies system.

I invoke the Arcturus God and the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul to anchor and activate now the Pranic Breathing Purifying device and blow the pranic energy through all my meridins and nadis to purify them, strengthen them and clean completely my 12 bodies system

I invoke Divine Mother and the Dearst Masters Goddesses that they might cover with a Silver net all my house and purify it from the group of etherical, astral and mental energies that do not correspont to the christic/buddic energy.

I invoke dearest Master Saint German and Lady Portia so that the may anchor and active a permanent Violet Flame column and transmute any and all energy misqualified that enters my aura field innerly or outterly.

I invoke the Angels LEgion form the fist Beam and my Guardian Angles to act as sentries around me and protect me everywhere, 24hrs a day, 7 days of the week, 365 days a yerar , either during awakeness or sleeping hours.

I invoke the 14 Powerful Elohim so that the may anchor and active a special protection Field so that the Elohim’s energy acts against all the negative formas of thinking coming from inside or outside.

I Invoke Melkidezec, Mahatma and Metatron to spread out a Silver Net around me every morning, every afternoon and every night before going to sleep, during the end of the year as a special protection gift. I request this is done immediately.

I invoke Divine Mother so that a Silver Net of permanent protection is set aroudn my house, flat and in every entrance, window or opening of my house or flat.

I invoke Divine Mother and the Dearst Masters Goddesses to set around me a protector field with the «Pink Beam of Love» that is full of Divine love and that any misqualified anergy may penetrate its irradiation. I request this is done immediately.

I invoke the Holly Spirit to undone all the negative and in conflict anerty that has been set on movement in the past to erase any need of any karmic return of negative energy as much as possible. I request this energy be changed to be used to increase unconditional love and service for the planet.

I request Lord Arthurus and the Arthurians to bring their advance arthurian technology to frotect the energy fields form this God’s Son/daughter.

I request Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command to irradiate me with light through their light ships/ or mother ship to protect me at night while I sleep and during the day while I show God on the Earth.

I invoke Lord Maitreya and Lord Budha to a rouse me with a «wisdom and light column» and remove all the negative energy form inside and outside and that such column might rebounce as a cork pillow.

I invoke the Seven Chohanes to create around me an «contention ring» that works as an invulnerable protection field that is invisible to all the energy from inside and outside.

I invoke Lady Quan Yin and place me inside a blossomed Loto with the blue-pink light of protection.

I invoke Lord Vywamus and Djwhal Khul to adjust the etherical, emotional, mental and spiritual tissue of my system of four bodies to provide a bigger protection by the will of God.

I invoke Mother May to set now around me a Archangel special Protection Light that is reinforced aevey morning, every niht as a Divine Protection Gift.

I invoke to the Sirius God/Goddess to anchor and activate now and completetly inside me my Superior Anoint Christic body and my Zohar Light Body for the purpose of spiritual advance and greater protection light.

I invoke our wll Loved Lenduce and Lord Sanat Kumara to rouse me with a «Ascension Light Column» for greater spiritual advance and protection.

I invoke Goddess Isis and the well loved Serapis Bey to rouse me with a «permanent white-golden light pyramid» for greater spiritual advance and protection.

Now I request that this huge protection field that has been stablished to be completely purified from inside, so that only the Divine Conscience, Christic/Budic energies live now from inside this field of protective force.

I invoke all the Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy from the Triple Flame of God and the 12 Cosmic Rays of God and request I may get a Divine Gift so that thier Light Bodies be merged with mine. This will work as a invulnerable love, wisdom field and so that the rest of my excistence I can freely devote my live to serve God and my brothers and Sisters.

I invoke the dearest Presence of the Divine Guide to anchor now and permanentally and totally in my Mistyc Divine Body the supreme purpose of protection, for their Divine Grace.

Now I Claim the totallity of my personal power.

Now I surround myself inside the golden light bubble to purifyme from the negative energy from the other people and from all the negative energy and/or way of thinking projecdted from my concious and subconcious mind in fomr of thoughts or negative feelings.

Now I Calim all my unconditional love and self steem.

Now I claim my full armony with God, my full and powerfull presence I AM and my own superior being, that I visualise as a silver-golden tube coming directly form GOD throught my powerful presence I AMand the Superior Being, inside my Coronary Chakra and the group of chakras along my column, with the anchoring in the crystaline heart of Mother Earth. I see the light of protection liberating all the negative energy and allowing only thoughts and feelings full of love, positivism, kindness white denying the entrance to all negative, egoic and separatist and/or based in fear energies.

From this moment, I commit to GOD and with myself to do the best I can to never more allow a negative thought or feeling enters my conciense. Every time a negative thought tries to ener, I swear solemnly to GOD and to myself that I will be aware to send thisn thoughts and feeling far away from my mind and will replace them with Christic/Budic thoughts and feelings.

From now and on, I commit firmly to God and with myself, to never allow myself to loose or quit my personal power.

From now and on, I commit firmly to God and with myself to never transfer my power to any person, from my mind, emotions, physical body aor to weaken my subconcious mind or my inner child by wish of my I inferiour and above all to all the egoic system of negative thinking.

From now and on, I commit firmly to God and with myself, to reaffirm the decision power every moment and never again allow myself to be indecisive or «swim among two waters»

From now and on, I commit firmly to God and with myself to be aware every moment and deny any thought that comes into my mind and is not forma divine nature.

From now and on, I commit firmly to choose, perceive any thing thant happens in my life a s a learning, lesson, challenge and among everything, as a spiritual test.

From now and on, I commit firmly to pass every test util it is possible, If I can’t I`ll forgive myslef, learn the lesson and win the «golden wisdom pearn» and will improve the next time. I recognize there are NO mistakes, ONLY lessons.

I decide in this moment that I will claim my personal powe completely in a unconditional lovely way even in my inner level form the Ascended Master in relation to GOD, who wishes that I take my power and my true identity as thee Eternal Being that I AM.

From now and on, I commit firmly to God 100% and with myself that I will be a Spiritual Warrior on Earth for mGod and the unconditional Love and no way, no matter what happens in life and how I am teste will never quit not even for an instant.

While I do ths commitment, the Dearest Archangels, Mrs Faith, Melkidezec, The Mahatma, Arhcangel MEtatron, My guardian Angles, the Angels Legions of Archangel Michel ad Mrs Faith and the the Masters that interced in this meditaions give one step in form of me and bow ater me in sight of reference as the trully Spiritual Master that I AM. Mr. Melkidezec, The Mahatma, MEtatron and Archangel Michel now anoint me with their «light sticks» on the top of my head. They do anoint over me their collective light sticks around my aura field to seal permanentelly all the work that has been done during this meditation.

They ask me now to go forward and hand me out a last gift that they put on my left hand whis is the «Love, Wisdom and Power Stick» They ask me to continue with absolute wisdom that I AM protected completely by the Ascended Groups, and the most important, that I am protecting myself too.

The ascended groups in the inner level ask me for a last thing, that everymorning, immediately after getting up, I connect again with this meditation at least during 30 seconds. They say it will last even in a 100%, even if It’s not done, however, it is important for the concious mid to reconect everymorning to reafirm the concious midn and keep the Divine Flame and the Auto-mastery always present in my concious mind.

The also aske me that in extreme situations whtn the tests might be occurring, this meditation is done every tday and even twice a day if it is necessary until an auto-control and protection is stablished again, as it corresponds to my natural Being.

It is written ! It is done!

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth!

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth!

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth!

Baruch ha Shem Adonai

Baruch ha Shem Adonai

Baruch ha Shem Adonai

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